We are excited to announce that Durbin Industrial Valve is rebranding!

Durbin Industrial Valve, a leading valve repair and manufacturing company, specializing in the tire and rubber industry, today announced the official launch of its new corporate branding and redesigned website, www.DurbinValve.com. The revamped site, created by the Company’s in-house marketing team, offers quick and intuitive access to essential information about its products, services and culture. Along with the website, Durbin is also revealing an updated company logo and slogan, Innovation through flow.

The updated Logo, which includes 3 inter-connected “legs” to create a triangle, represents Durbin’s commitment to it’s History, it’s Customers and it’s Future. Durbin will continue to honor the history of the company by offering the same industry leading repair and remanufacturing services that customers have come to rely on since 1979. Durbin is committed to hearing the voice of the Customer and working in concert with them to assist in stream-lining production, evaluating existing piping and valve performances and identifying opportunities to increase reliability and efficiencies of the manufacturing process. Durbin has invested in its future by assembling an experienced engineering team to lead the company through innovative designs that will allow expansion into additional manufacturing processes and industries.

Along the the corporate rebrand, Durbin is also introducing the following new products and services:

Synergy Series Intelligent Valve

Synergy Series Intelligent Valves-these non-pneumatic, servomotor actuated industrial valves provide improved speed, accuracy and reliability when compared to historical/vintage valve performance. The Synergy Series also provides closed loop feedback, which can be monitored, evaluated and utilized to improve process efficiencies or effectively diagnose valve health and performance.

Consultation Services

Big Data seems to be everywhere, now that the Synergy Series can provide closed loop and real-time data feedback; Big Data is now available for your manufacturing process. Durbin Consultants can evaluate your current piping and valve flow characteristics and help identify efficiencies to be gained through re-design or installation of alternative valve design or function.

For more information on Durbin Industrial Valve and its full line of products and services, contact our sales team by phone or using the link below to send an email about your inquiry.