​Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim

Basic Information

Problem Code Definition Category Code Description Description
A1 Packing A1: Packing- Visual Packing Leak Visual Packing Leak- A packing leak that is clearly visible.
A2 Packing A2 : Bellows failure Bellows Failure
C1 Customer C : Customer- Dis-Assembled Dis-Assembled by Customer- customer has removed, tampered, replaced, repaired, or have altered any parts of the valve in any way.
D1 Actuation D1 : Actuation- Broken Stem Broken Stem- The stem of the valve has broken, causing the valve to not actuate.
D2 Actuation D2 : Actuation- Diaphragm Failure Diaphragm Failure- An obstruction of some sort, such as a hole, has altered the diaphragm causing the valve to not actuate.
D3 Actuation D3 : Actuation-Stem Drag Excessive Stem Drag- Dirt, debris, or foreign material on the stem has caused the valve to not actuate properly.
D4 Actuation D4 : Actuation - Spring Spring- The spring on the valve has broken, causing the valve not to actuate.
D5 Actuation D5 : Actuation -Yolk/ Ring Yolk/Ring Fracture- the ring of the valve or the yolk has fractured or broken causing the valve to not actuate properly.
D6 Actuation D6 : Actuation-Drag Piston Excessive Drag of the Piston- Excessive drag in the piston area has caused the valve to not properly actuate.
D7 Actuation D7 : Synergy Actuator Stuck Synergy Actuator seized up.,Manual or Automated motion is not possible
D8 Actuation D8 : Synergy Belt broken Synergy drive belt is broken
D9 Actuation D9 : Synergy bearing failure Synergy actuator bearing is seized
D10 Actuation D10: Synergy Spring return failure Synergy actuator will not return to open/closed position upon power failure
E1 Leak By E1,: LB- Leak By Excessive Leak-By- Improper seal has caused nitrogen to leak past the seating area.
E2 Leak By E2 : LB- Damaged Seal Visually Damaged Seal- any visual damage to the seal, washer, stem nut, that has caused the
E3 Leak By E4 : LB- Detached Stem Nut Detached Stem Nut- The stem nut and seal have detached from the stem, causing the valve to actuate.
G1 Adjustment G1 : Valve out of Adjustment The valve is out of adjustment and needs to be re-adjusted.
H1 Leak H1 : Leak - Union Nut Union Nut- the valve is leaking from the area of the packing nut and threads of the body.
H2 Leak H2 : Leak- Gland/bottom cap against Body Gland Against Body- There is a leak between the gland and the body.
H3 Leak By H3 : LB- Porosity in body or weld Casting porosity present causing process media to escape to atmosphere
I1 Defect I1,: Manufacturing defect Mounting Holes Incoorect- Mounting holes are not machined/cast to right size
M1 Motor M1 : Communication failure Motor does not respond to digital, analog or manually sent signals
M2 Motor M2 : Over Heating Motor has repeatedly given over temperature fault codes
M3 Motor M3: Broken wire connections Motor wire connections have been damaged

**** All warranty claims are to be returned within 45 days of claim submission or will become void****
All the requirements must be made to be considered for warranty
Form must be included with your valveValve must be placed in a separate box to eliminate confusion on which valve the request is forBox must be clearly labelled with your claim number you received after submission


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